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Custom Blog Designers provides a free database of Blog Designers. After trying to create a blog, and quickly learning that I did not have the technical expertise to create a high quality blog, I searched for a blog designer. This process turned into a two week ordeal until I found the perfect designer for my blog. I google searched tons of terms, stalked blogs looking for designs that I felt connected to, tried to find a database of blog designers with hardly no luck. After this ordeal, I decided to create Custom Blog Designers. It is a database of Blog Designers for the blog novice to use to find a blog designer that fits his/her vision.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with us. We are the only Blog Designer database that provides a hassle free Blog Design search. Blog Designers do not pay to promote their blog button on this site, it is simply a database of Blog Designers.

Why Advertise with Custom Blog Designers?

Advertising with Custom Blog Designers allows you to advertise to a targeted market. Visitors to CBD include novice bloggers, bloggers who are redesigning their blog, and anyone interested in blogging. As the site receives more traffic, I will be able to provide a more detailed, analytically based demographic profile.

Advertising on Custom Blog Designers will increase visibility for your brand, reach a targeted demographic, and provide you with monetary benefits.

Advertising Guidelines

Sidebar advertising is limited to only those who provide Web/Blog Design services, not Web/Blog Designers. If you are a webhost, a template seller, a graphic designer, or a blog support company, advertise with CBD. Please keep in mind:

  • No refunds
  • Advertisements must be geared towards Internet based products and reflect the values of
  • All users must land on the same page
  • Ads must be grammatically correct
  • Ads cannot offend based on race, gender, sexual preference, disability
  • No spam ads
  • I reserve the right to refuse any ad based on content of the ad or the product or site being promoted.

If You Are Interested in Advertising With Custom Blog Designers

If you are not a Blog Designer and are interested in sidebar advertising with Custom Blog Designers, please use the contact form. I will add your button within 1-2 weeks.

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